Not every business is involved with launching new products, but just about everyone has new services or initiatives that they need to advertise – and promotional products can help get that message across in a powerful way.  

 New products, new services, special pricing, guarantees, and other programs can benefit from positive press and word of mouth. The problem is, a lot of companies are cluttering the competitive landscape with their advertising. How do you stand out? 

A promotional product that reflects or calls to mind a specific feature of your new initiative is a surefire “clutter cutter.” It can be something simple – a coffee mug, a pen, a logoed polo shirt, etc. – or an item that ties into your new product/service in a unique way – a stress reliever touting “stress-free service” or a desktop calendar/datebook custom printed with specific launch dates, specials, coupons, etc. 

The bottom line is that promotional products can set you apart and drive home your message in an unforgettable way. Maybe you want a replica of your new product. Or an image of it you can imprint on a product or wearable. No problem. I also recommend custom-designed pen-toppers, mouse-pads, clocks, bobble heads, wine labels, notepads and a host of other options you should explore. 

And don’t forget the message. In these situations, you need to be especially creative to make the connection with customers and prospects. Sure, words like “new” and “different” can help, but what you’re really looking for is an unforgettable catch-phrase or slogan that you can build a promotion around. The Hamilton Island “Best Job In The World” campaign was easy and catchy, and this is something that you need to add in to make your launch more memorable. 

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